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'Geometry of Dressage" Training file A4

'Geometry of Dressage" Training file A4

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2 rinder polypropelene binder printed with the BvB logo containing training guides and diagrams of simple dressage movements.

A4 size


A collection of training quides to the fundemental principles of riding some of the simple school movements required for dressage levels up to prelim level.

The first part introduces and explains the 'Scales of Training' the basis on which all training of the horse for dressage is based.

Each following part comprises of to scale diagrams of the movements in both a 20x40m and a 20x60m arena, notes on how to ride the movements from a coach and notes from a listed dressage judge on what a judge is looking for in order to award the best marks.


- The scales of training

- 20m circles

- 15m circles

- 10m circles

- 1/2 circles

- Corners and changing the rein

- Shallow loops

- Dimensions of the school- these diagrams are laminated so that you can use the included dry wipe marker pen to draw out our dressage test to aid learning!


There is plenty of space in the folder for you to store your dressage test sheets- perfect for keeping in the tack room or lorry!